Climate Always Changes

…and People Never Like It

James A. Marusek has catalogued some 14,000 extreme weather events covering the years from 1 A.D. to 1900 A.D.

But for some reason, people have short memories, or perhaps weather cycles are slightly longer than a generation. Whatever the case, people often say “there had not been such weather in 100 years” – as Dr. Sallie Baliunas recounts in this video on “Weather Cooking.”

“Weather Cooking” was a crime that witches were accused of in the Medieval and Little Ice Age periods. When the weather got bad – it was clear to the ‘locals’ that someone had been up to something.

So – witches were executed for ‘cooking’ bad weather. (No wonder weathermen and weather women always look uncomfortable when their predictions of a nice day turned to rain!)

There are lots of comparisons as well by numerous authors about how the ‘green’ movement has adopted many of the more extreme religious overtones of that period of the hysterical past…when people were executed for cooking the weather. Of course they likely denied it. And that was proof they were guilty.

We agree that Climate Changes – A lot!

The fact that weather is unpredictable is psychologically unnerving to people. In our modern world, we can ‘control’ so much, many people think we can ‘control’ the climate by reducing carbon dioxide. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has gone so far as to suggest that if we just reduce carbon dioxide, then we can keep any global warming to ‘below 2 degrees Celsius.’

Humans AFFECT Climate – they cannot CONTROL Climate

It is obvious that humans have an effect on climate in terms of our industrial development. When we build cities, dams and artificial islands or lakes, we are forever altering a landscape and that affects how many climate factors work (like the local and regional water cycles).

But climate is a hugely dynamic system – that present a a ‘wicked’ problem in terms of ‘solutions.’ We’re not talking about witches and evil, we are talking about the fact that climate and weather are subject to changing forces and influences at all times, most of which are far greater than what you and I create.

For instance:

⦁ methane plumes under the ocean release….

⦁ unpredictable volcanic eruptions and related smoke, ash, aerosols that can sometimes affect the world’s climate for years (Thera, Mount Tambora, Krakatoa, Laki, etc)

⦁ orbital changes of the sun, earth, and large gas planets, exert changing forces on the sun and earth, affecting tides, solar variations, and unknown influences on earth’s crust that may affect volcanic activity, earthquakes and atmospheric oscillations

⦁ solar variations – these are many – changes in Total Solar Irradiance are small but influential, changes in ultra-violet rays (UV), x-rays, solar flares, magnetic activity (seen as visible sunspots), solar wind, plasma ejections from the sun, some proton streams hit earth at near light speed, and changes in the magnetic heliosphere of the sun, which affects the entry of cosmic rays into earth’s atmosphere. This in turn affects cloud formation. Clouds may alternately warm or cool regions of the earth and they are unpredictable in nature.

None of these dynamic forces can be controlled by humans and human industrial emissions of carbon dioxide concentrations or GHGs has very little impact.

What about “Climate Disruption?” Aren’t we causing that?

Many activists like to say that we are causing ‘climate disruption’-but when we examine the historical evidence, we do not see any unusual trends. Even the IPCC itself states that the uncertainties are so great, they do not have sufficient data to make long-term predictions about weather or climate. That’s why we focus on the evidence over the ideology of climate change.