97% Nonsensus

Consensus on Climate Change?

They’re fooling you.

There has never been a survey of all scientists, not even all climate scientists. “Catastrophic Anthropogenic (Human-caused) Global Warming” (CAGW) is a theoretical threat, mostly used by environmental groups to raise money.

Evidence is What Matters in Science – Science is not a democracy

Ask an Astrophysicist

Why do you need an astrophysicist to talk about climate? Because earth’s climate is affected by things outside our atmosphere. Dr. Nir Shaviv explains in layman’s terms:

Dr. Nir Shaviv discusses the 97% consensus claim and shows some of the evidence that climate change is driven by the sun and not carbon dioxide.

Who are the climate experts – the IPCC or the solar physicists?

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a political organization that has a mandate to study the human causes of climate change – not ALL causes. Dr. Shaviv explains that they only include a nominal aspect of solar effects in IPCC studies.

How does the Sun Drive Climate Change?

That’s a BIG topic that we cover in this website. Dr. Shaviv gives a glimpse of how the sun drives climate change in this clip.

Human Impacts on Earth are Many – (It’s not just about carbon dioxide CO₂) But Natural Factors are Bigger

While most scientists agree that humans have some impact on climate – very few agree with the ‘climate catastrophe’ version. Also, scientists disagree what has more impact on climate:

⦁ deforestation (humans cutting down or burning off forests – large fires give off tonnes of toxic gases, soot, and explosive energetic release; some create Pyrocumulonimbus clouds that go above the tropopause, higher than Mount Everest),

⦁ land disturbance (agriculture, road construction and paving, building cities),

⦁ urban heat island (the warmth generated by cities make a heat bubble)

⦁ black carbon or ‘soot’ from burning fossil fuels; this lands in the Arctic snow and may cause warming (black absorbs sunlight, white snow reflects it)

⦁ aerosols – other kinds of gases and steam come from human industrial activity – some of these interact to cause cloud formation or affect precipitation

⦁ water body disturbances – draining wetlands or building dams and reservoirs may affect local precipitation patterns

Is there consensus of any kind?

Yes. Scientists and citizens agree that humans affect weather and climate in some way. That’s it.

Where did this 97% consensus number come from?

Four separate surveys, like that of Oreskes (2004) that Al Gore referred to in his movie, claimed to find an “overwhelming consensus” on climate change. All four surveys are flawed and filled with statistical manipulations. Three of them concentrated on the abstracts (a ~150 word introductory summary) of academic studies done by different groups of scientists; one was an opinion poll! (Science is about evidence, not opinions!)

The claimed ‘consensus’ is supposedly that scientists “all agree” that catastrophic climate change is imminent and mostly due to human activity, especially due to the carbon dioxide (CO₂) from our use of fossil fuels like oil and gas and coal. Only 1-3% of the surveyed scientists’ academic papers agree with that catastrophic view. Most have NO OPINION WHATSOEVER.